Florida Views: Paul Rebmann’s Nature Photography

By Brent Morando

In this week’s Florida Views, we take a look at Paul Rebmann’s nature photography. As a Florida Master Naturalist, Paul combines his deep understanding of Florida’s diverse ecosystems with his extensive photographic knowledge. His award-winning work has been featured in numerous publications, including Backpacker Magazine and the National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Wildflowers of North America.

Paul, a longtime Florida resident, currently lives in Ormond Beach. You check out more of his work at the following websites:  http://www.wildflphoto.com/ and http://paul-rebmann.artistwebsites.com/myblog.html.

Paul writes:

I have a particular interest in unique Florida subjects, particularly endemic species that occur only in the state, some of which are limited to very small areas.  One of these is the Celestial Lily, having the scientific name Nemastylis floridana.  It is also called fall-flowering ixia, as it only blooms in late summer or fall, with the flowers only opening for a few hours in the afternoon.  I accompanied other Florida Native Plant Society members on a field trip to a restored mitigation area where we watched the flowers slowly open, sometimes popping quickly open when triggered by visiting pollinators.

This plant with a beautiful flower is unassuming when not in bloom, otherwise resembling a grass. With my photography I attempt to bring the beauty and wonder of nature to others, so that they may see what they might not happen to experience for themselves, and to impart the importance of preserving our natural areas, not only for our enjoyment and quality of life, but also for the survival of the flora and fauna that surrounds us.​