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Late women of the arts credited Zora

By Ben Brotemarkle, Florida Today We recently lost two significant contributors to our culture. Poet, author and performing artist Maya Angelou died May 28 at age 86. Actress, playwright and activist Ruby Dee died June 11 at age 91. These…

James Madison

JMI Book Club: James Madison In His Own Words

By Stephen Syfrett The James Madison Institute held the first meeting of its annual summer book club last Friday.  This year the group will study and discuss a selection of works authored by James Madison. Discussions started on Friday with…

Ted Williams

Photo of the Week: Ted Williams in Panama City,Florida, 1943

Ted Williams stole the spotlight last Saturday with his good-natured attitude toward hundreds of GI’s who shoved baseballs, notebooks and newspapers in front of the Boston Red Sox slugging star for his autograph all afternoon long, even following him into…