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Commentary: Social Media Purple Out

By Tanja Clendinen On Wednesday, more than a quarter of Floridians (Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Methodist)1 embarked on a 40-day spiritual journey–the liturgical Season of Lent. A time of reflection and preparation for Easter through self-examination, fasting, penance,…

Florida Cracker Horse

The Florida Frontier: “Wilder Than The West”

The Florida frontier — especially in the years immediately following the Civil War — was a hardscrabble mix of Appalachia and the American West in which family feuds and cattle wars were common. According to Dana Ste. Claire, “In many…

St. Johns River Map

Florida Views: The St. Johns River

By Scott K. Sholl The St. Johns River is a hydrological paradox. Like the state it lies within, the St. Johns has represented different things to different people over time, as evidenced by its multiple names through history: Welaka (River…