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Photo via Library of Congress

History unearthed at James Madison’s Va. estate

In the shadow of James Madison’s Montpelier, archaeologists and metal-detecting hobbyists are teaming up to unearth the history that lies beneath the 2,650-acre Virginia estate. Armed with high-tech equipment and age-old tools, these oft-rivals are rediscovering land belonging to the…


History: David Wills & The Gettysburg National Cemetery

On Nov. 2, 1863, David Wills invited Abraham Lincoln to participate in the dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg. Due to the letter’s late date, the invitation was –and still is–  labeled an afterthought or political formality by some.…

President Calvin Coolidge, via U.S. National Archives

History: President Coolidge’s 1928 Armistice Day Address

 On November 11, 1928, Armistice Day, President Calvin Coolidge gave the following speech before members of the American Legion in Washington, D.C. The speech, which took place at the Washington Auditorium (described as a gaunt, barn-like structure in a 1929…

Arch. McLean Letter to Robert Troup

Founding Notes: Printing The Federalist Papers

This letter comes from Dr. Allan McLane Hamilton’s  The Intimate Life of Alexander Hamilton: Based Chiefly Upon Original Family Letters And Other Documents, Many of Which Have Never Been Published (1910). The biography, which is available online (it’s free) ,…


Florida History: Ernest Hemingway’s Suggested Reading List

In the spring of 1934, a twenty-two year old hobo/ aspiring writer named Arnold Samuelson left the cold of Minnesota for Key West  to meet his literary hero — Ernest Hemingway.  After a 2,000-plus mile journey,  which included hitchhiking, train-hopping,…